Marseille, family trip

Marseille, family trip

Marseille is a great destination to spend a weekend with your family. The sun shines, one can appreciate the landscapes of the seaside and enjoy the activities of the second city of France. Here is an example of a weekend to visit Marseille during a week end: Little train, guided tour with electrics scooters, boat trip.


During your visit in Marseille, book a flat in the city center, for example at Maisons de Marseille, a cosy place.

The city center


To visit Marseille in a funny way, I would suggest a guided tour in the historical quarter Le Panier with electrics scooter. For an excursion on the sea, take the shuttle boat to the island l'archipel du Frioul. To enjoy a beautiful view, go on the Grande Roue (big wheel) or go around the city with the petit train touristique.

A funny program

Gourmets breaks

Let's talk about gastronomy. You can enjoy a lunch while your children play in the garden at Pouce! or taste some amazing pastries at Jardin Mongrand.

Food and drinks

If you like to organize a week end in Marseille, don't hesitate to contact me!**, I will be happy to help you!**

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Guided Tours

Marseille - City of colors and flavors

Marseille, the city of colors and flavors.

Marseille, family trip

To enjoy a week end in Marseille with your family.

Visit the Frioul archipelgo

A guided tour around the islands of Frioul